Super Impossible Road is the sequel to Impossible Road, the classic mobile game that was, in some ways, ahead of its time when it was released in the early 2010s. In that game, the goal was simple. All you needed to do was go for as many checkpoints as possible while controlling a ball known as "The Vessel". Its gameplay and visuals were quite impressive at the time. 

And so now, the sequel for the game has a totally revamped style to it. It takes place in space now with some really cool visuals to look at as you go. The overall concept from the original game is still there, as you control the Vessel once again. 

The Apple Arcade exclusive has a ton of different options compared to the first game. In this article, we'll tell you a few of the things you can expect. It really mixes some of the old and new for the most part, whether you're new to the series or are familiar with the first game.