Super Impossible Road: Three fun modes to play for new players

Super Impossible Road: Three fun modes to play for new players

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Super Impossible Road is one of the more fast-paced games you'll play on the Apple Arcade. Using a ball known simply as the "vessel", you weave your way through several twists and turns on wild tracks. These tracks are beautifully located in space, making it fun for night play.

The modes vary but the racing modes are probably the most popular, whether in single-player or online are the racing ones. These obviously allow you to race against other players. One thing about Super Impossible Road (including the original Impossible Road) is that you can cheat.

You can jump from other portions of the track creating your own short cuts. Just try not to fall off the track and into the universe. But with this "strategy" available in races, doing one may be challenging for new players. So we tell a few other modes that you can get into when you fire the game on your iPhone or iPad.

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This is an Endless game mode that should be extremely similar for you if you played the original Impossible Road. In Survival, the goal is just to stay on the track for as long as possible. You go through checkpoints and you try to get through as many as you can.

This was the only way to play the original game when it released all the way back in 2013. Big difference now is that there are different tracks to play on and you are able to customize your vessel which now has attributes compared to the old game.

What makes this mode great is that it plays a bit like a "free play" mode. So you can test out your "cheating" skills hopping from one part of the track to the other. It's also a great mode to test your vessel's attributes too while you try to shoot for a high score.

Time Gate

Another Endless mode, Time Gate is great for new Super Impossible Road players for a couple of reasons. For one; as with Survival, you're not playing against anyone else. It's just you, the track, and some goals you need to go through.

It'll test your speed since you're on a time limit and you need to get through the checkpoints to keep the clock going. For this mode, it's definitely good to customize your vessel to where it has good speed to zip around the track faster and get through those goals.

It doesn't feel as free as Survival because of the time, but it's an excellent way to work on your pacing while trying to stay balanced on the track.

Daily Track

Daily Track in Super Impossible Road is your chance to make some moves up the leaderboard. It operates essentially as Survival, but the difference is that the tracks vary. What makes this good is that it lets you familiarize yourself with random tracks.

Doing so will showcase your versatility. Some tracks offer tighter turns and sometimes even gaps for you to try and jump over if you can. Yes, you can also play the different tracks in a mode like Survival, but if you want unpredictability, then go for the Daily Track.

Not to mention that it's just fun to play. It's something that you would want to improve on each and every time you head out there. It's one of the first modes you'll spot when firing up the game so why not give it a whirl, huh?

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