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Can you get Apple Arcade for free and can you use it without an Apple device?

Can you get Apple Arcade for free and can you use it without an Apple device?

Are you undecided as to whether or not you want to subscribe to Apple Arcade? We know that there are a lot of questions circulating in your mind before you proceed to take the plunge on a new subscription. This article will look to answer the most common and frequently asked questions. Can you get Apple Arcade for free and can you use Apple Arcade without an Apple device? Scroll down and find out!

As we know, Apple Arcade is a premium video game subscription offered by Apple that features more than 180 games. The subscription is a good deal for those who enjoy playing classics and arcade titles.

On top of that, the subscription comes at a very reasonable price of $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually. We have already created an article that outlines out all the features of Apple Arcade. To read more about it, click on the link below.

Today, we will be discussing how you can get a subscription, how you can try it for free and lots more. You can also take a look at our regularly updated list of available Apple Arcade games by clicking the link below.

Apple Arcade Monster Hunter

How to subscribe to the Apple Arcade and can you try it for free?

  • Open the App Store and locate the subscribe tab
  • Click on the subscription button
  • If you’re trying it for the first time then you are eligible to get a free trial for a month that can be shared among 5 members.
  • Or else, select your preferred subscription duration and head to the payment section.
  • Once you have confirmed the details and selected your payment method, your Apple Arcade subscription will be active.

If you want to try Apple Arcade for free, then create a new Apple ID as it is only one trial per Apple ID and make sure to cancel the subscription before it ends or else you’ll have to pay the fees for the next month.

Can I start a subscription without a credit card?

As per the rules, a credit card is mandatory while going through the process. The card is linked to your Apple ID and whenever you make any purchase, the card is used as the payment method. But, if you have recently bought a new Apple device, then you claim the welcome offer that gives you three months free subscription, which can also be shared among 5 members.

Can we play the Apple Arcade games on any other device?

Unfortunately, the subscription can’t be used on any other devices as it is exclusive to Apple Devices. Moreover, the subscription is generally made through the App Store or the Arcade app which is exclusive to Apple products and their respective OS and can’t run on other platforms.