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Playing Apple Arcade games with controller: Is it viable?

Playing Apple Arcade games with controller: Is it viable?

If you have subscribed to the Apple Arcade and playing those addictive games, at some point you might feel the need of trying those titles with a controller. In that case, you will have to know if the games support the use of controllers or not, which games are supported and few other similar queries.

This article has listed down all the probable and general queries related to the usage of controllers to play Apple Arcade titles. If you wish to know more about this exclusive subscription, click the link below to read about it.

Is there Apple Arcade controller support for games?

Yes, Apple has allowed pairing controllers to play on Apple Arcade. As a result, a lot of those titles natively support the usage of controllers. But, before you head to plug and play make sure to check if the game supports one and if it does then what are the compatible controllers.

Which controllers are supported in Apple Arcade?

As you will be playing those games on an Apple device, the best compatible controllers are from Xbox and Playstation. Also, there are a lot of cheaper options which includes MFI (Made for iOS) which are exclusive controllers made for iOS.

How to pair a controller with Apple devices?

In the above question, we have mentioned that iOS devices seamlessly pair with Xbox, PlayStation and other standard Bluetooth MFI controllers. Follow the steps for each make to successfully pair with your device.

For Xbox controller 
  • Turn on your controller and wait for the Bluetooth to turn on as well.
  • Make sure it is not connected to any of the devices as it might fail to get discovered by the device to which you want to connect.
  • Long press the connect button to switch to the pairing mode.
  • Once your iOS device detects it, pair it.
For PlayStation controller 
  • Make sure to turn off the controller as it tends to connect instantly to the previously paired devices.
  • Press the power button and the share buttons to enable the pairing mode.
  • By now, your iOS device will detect the controller, simply tap on the pair button to connect it smoothly.
For MFI Bluetooth controller 
  • MFI Bluetooth controllers follow the same steps as Xbox and Playstation,
  • However, there might be some differences as the mode of pairing depends on the brand.
  • Check the instructions on the brand’s page and follow accordingly.

Which games are supported?

Out of more than 180+ games, it is hard to list out the ones which support controllers. In order to find the controller supported games easily, simply head to the Apple Arcade games listing and select the game. After you enter the landing page, look at the description. If the game supports controllers there must be an icon right next to the developer’s logo.

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