Super Impossible Road, coming soon to Apple Arcade, lets you cheat your way to victory

Intense, inventive racing action

Super Impossible Road, coming soon to Apple Arcade, lets you cheat your way to victory

Super Impossible Road is a fast-paced racing game that lets you slide, leap, and cheat your way to victory. Now that I think about it, it might not be fair to call it ‘cheating’ because really there are no rules in Wonder Lasers’ adrenaline-pumping racer.

It’s said to reward quick-witted improvisation and bravery, with a good deal of the challenge stemming from knowing when to take risks and when to stick to the winding, precarious roller-coaster track.

From what I can tell, this one’s been in development for some time. There was a beta for it on Steam until recently, and it was also previously touted as a PS4 exclusive, with early gameplay footage dating back to 2015.

When first checking out the screenshots and trailer below, I was instantly reminded of the stellar ‘rhythm violence’ title Thumper. Something about the black holes, blazing suns, and general space setting really appeals to me.

The tracks themselves are all procedurally generated, which should hopefully encourage players to constantly mix up their strategies. Likewise, to keep things fresh, a new random track will be released globally every day. The game supports up to 8-player online races, and there’s also an extensive career mode to work your way through with ‘unique gameplay challenges’.

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The strange one-wheeled space cars can be customised cosmetically and in terms of parts, with different caps, cores, and wheels available. And to keep the hectic races feeling smooth, Super Impossible Road targets a lovely 60fps.

It’s set to be one of the early Apple Arcade offerings, meaning it won’t feature any ads or IAPs. Apple’s gaming subscription service launches on September 19th, and we can hopefully expect Super Impossible Road to pop up in the weeks/months that follow. For me, this is one of the service's games I’m most looking forward to taking for a spin. In the meantime, why not check out our list of all the other titles set to arrive on Apple Arcade.

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