After an amazing first crossover, the wishes of fans have been answered. NetEase is releasing the second The Promised Neverland crossover for their asymmetric horror game Identity V

The story of The Promised Neverland fits quite well into the game as it follows the lives of orphaned children Emma, Norman and Ray, and their plan to escape from the orphanage after they learn of the dark secrets behind it and the reason for their existence.

The horrifying truth is that when these orphans reach a certain age, they are fed to demons. Yikes. So understandably, they plan to run away and go to Neverland.

Another round of chase is about to begin at the manor, with the characters from The Promised Neverland like Emma, Norman, Ray, Mom Isabella, Gilda and Don at the centre of it. Can you escape Oletus Manor once again?

Identity V’s crossover has also been making rounds on social media as it was advertised on the weekly teenager magazine, Jump as well. The official poster for the collaboration was also launched worldwide on SNS.

If you look closely at this poster, you’ll see a number of clocks, eerie frames, books, calendars, weird logos, paintings, pocket watches, and what looks like a 12-sided die, all on a bright red wall. Talk about creepy.

There seem to be hidden secrets within this poster. Do you have what it takes to figure them all out and uncover what lies in the collaboration?

Throughout your escape, Ray will keep reading Emma’s lanterns, connecting you to the anime. This will truly connect you to the lives of the characters and empathise with their feelings.

Download Identity V on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and escape the manor once more.

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