With over a million installations on the Google Play Store alone since its global release about a month ago, Alchemy Stars by Proxima Beta has been one of the hottest titles of the summer. If you are one of the many new players who are joining the servers, in this article you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly questions new players have.

Why I can't find Alchemy Stars on Bluestacks?

There are many people (such as myself) who enjoy playing mobile games on their PC system for whatever reason. If you are one of these people and you want to install Alchemy Stars on Bluestacks or some other emulator, there's a good chance you won't find the game on Google Play Store.

If you have stumbled upon this kind of issue, worry not. It's not that your emulator is 'broken' or anything like this. The thing is that in order to play Alchemy Stars you need a 64-bit system. So if you are planning to play it on let's say Bluestacks, make sure you have installed a 64-bit client.

How to nickname your units in Alchemy Stars

If - for whatever reason - you want to rename your favourite Aurorian, the process of doing so is actually very simple. All you have to do is the following.

How to nickname your units in Alchemy Stars

From the main screen, tap on the 'box' with the three dots on the left of your screen. This will bring up the 'Terminal Dialogue' menu. Here you can reply to your Aurorians questions and requests. On top of that, you can also set a nickname for your favourite Aurorian simply by tapping on the pencil icon right under their name.

How can I delete my Alchemy Stars account?

During the CB (Closed Beta) testing period, the most popular way of deleting account data (Guest account) was by simply deleting a file named "system_android_12" from your device. That file could be located in android/data/com.tencent.baiyent/. Please note, this path could vary for players using emulators such as Bluestacks or LD Player.

This method doesn't work anymore, but we thought it would be worth mentioning it since it's been all over the internet as a "solution" even though it's not anymore.

So the shortest answer to this question is - you can't. If you want to re-roll in hopes of getting better Aurorians the easiest solution would be to use dummy emails.

Can you unbind your Alchemy Stars account from your social media account?

Sadly the answer to this question is no. It's simply not possible to unbind your Alchemy Stars account.

Fire Charon

Can I change my current server?

Yes and no. Well, that must sound somewhat confusing so let us explain exactly what we mean by that. If you are playing on the new Global server, then yes, you can change the server just by logging out and making a new account. 

On the other hand, if you are playing on the US exclusive client, then you cannot change to another server.

Is there a difference between the servers?

The only difference between the JPN, KR, SEA, LATAM and GLOBAL servers is the time zone and their reset time.

Can I change the language in Alchemy Stars?

You can change the language but in order to do so, you will have to change your mobile device settings as the game automatically detects and match the phone settings. The available languages at the moment are Korean, Japanese and English. If your phone is set to some other language then the game will choose English as the default language.

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