How do you save the world right from the palm of your hand? Tzuki's Plan B is an upcoming platforming adventure from indie developer Cokoon Games Lab, which puts you in the shoes of titular scientist Tzuki. With her heart set on helping the environment and the animals around her, she sets off on a colorful journey to find solutions to issues threatening to destroy her planet.

The casual platforming adventure tasks you to protect your home from a failed experiment that’s polluting the land. Featuring more than 40 levels to explore, Tzuki's Plan B will take players on a quest to save even the farthest corners of Narona and overcome challenging obstacles along the way.

Of course, saving the earth and restoring the beauty of nature isn’t just a one-woman job. Players can recruit friends to lend eco-scientist Tzuki a helping hand - each of the four characters has their own set of unique abilities that will prove useful in every level. Collect coins and trade resources at the forest shop, and upgrade your eco-heroes to unlock their skills.

Alex, Barani, Cedric, and Kajun (and Tzuki herself, of course) feature adorable character designs that fit right against the vibrant background of each level. There are more than 300 hundred stories to discover - plus, you can also play the game even without an internet connection.

Tzuki's Plan B will be available to download on the App Store and on Google Play once it officially releases on July 12th. It seems like it’s a free-to-play game that aims to spread awareness about the sciences as well, as you can clearly see in the game’s official blog.

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