Updated on: October 11th, 2021 - Added Ramge (The First Guardians), Garff

Do you need help choosing the best hero out of the more than hundred that exist in Exos Heroes? If you are an active Exos Heroes player, you will be aware that the heroes’ viability depends on their attributes, stats and Fatecore. To clear out your confusion we are putting out this frequently updated Exos Heroes Tier list that will also help you in the search for Exestruck.

Line Games’ Exos Heroes is an extraordinary RPG title that combines the elements of adventure, thoughts, imagination and mysteries. Recently, the game received its second-biggest content update, Exos Heroes Season 4 FALLEN SKY.

Latest update

The latest update brought tons of new characters, maps, coupons and a lot of necessary adjustments into the mystical land. In particular, they introduced a new tier alongside the addition of 10 new heroes.

If you're unfamiliar, Exos Heroes delivers a thrilling action experience in a fairy-tale-like world with visually impressive illustrations that will surely please the players. Exos Heroes also actively puts out updates related to bugs and carries out numerous events to keep players engaged.

In today’s Exos Heroes Tier list, we will divide the heroes broadly into 5 tiers, S+, S, A, B, C by judging their current stats in the game.

Exos Heroes characters

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