Longtime fans of the RPG IP will be delighted to know that NieR Re[in]carnation, the latest title in the franchise designed for mobile, will officially launch on July 28th. Pre-registration for Square Enix and Applibot, Inc.’s popular action-command title is now open for iOS and Android devices, currently already surpassing over 400,000 registrations.

As the first mobile game for the franchise, NieR Re[in]carnation is run by creative director YOKO TARO, producer Yosuke Saito, and composer Keiichi Okabe from MONACA. It tells the mysterious tale of a girl who wakes up in an unknown place with towering skyscrapers looming over her, guided only by a creature called Mama (who looks like an adorable ghost costume a child would wear for Halloween). She is plagued by horrific nightmares every night, so she embarks on a journey to uncover the truth of the vast world around her, seemingly on a quest to atone for past sins and recover something she has lost. “All prayers lead to The Cage”, as they say.

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NieR Re[in]carnation is now open for pre-registration on the App Store and on Google Play; it will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Players who pre-register will be rewarded with gems for 15 free Summons once the milestone of 600,000 pre-registrations is reached, plus a host of other rewards.

The highly anticipated title is almost here! For now, you can check out the opening cinematic embedded above to get a feel of the game’s breathtaking visuals and cool-looking combat - something you’d pretty much expect from the game’s renowned developer. You can also visit the official website to know more, or follow the official Facebook page to stay updated on the latest developments.

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