Hey there! Our guess is that you are interested in the best Best Arcade Emulators for Android? If you are a gamer of my generation (born in the early 80s) or older, then you have most likely spent a good amount of your youth (and your allowance) playing arcade (or coin-op) games. That's where it all started. The first gaming experiences.

For the younger folks who might have no idea what I'm talking about, arcades were machines installed in places such as restaurants, amusement parks, bars, cafes, even ferryboats and, of course, amusement arcades. You had to insert a coin(s) and get credits to play a game.

Arcade games and fond memories

I still remember going with my best friend to the amusement park to play Double Dragon. After turning our weekly allowance into a stack of coins, and then spending the whole evening there, we finally managed to finish the game for the first (and last) time. I didn't even care about being broke because of how excited I was that day. Reality came in later that week, but that's another story and I'm getting off track now.

Anyway, luckily for everyone, after 1999, thanks to an Italian guy named Nicola Salmoria, no one has to go broke in order to play a game. Say hello to the best Arcade emulators for Android!

Enter MAME

So what did this legend do? He released the first public MAME, a piece of software that was capable of recreating the hardware of arcade systems.

His intention was to preserve games in the Pac-Man family and that's why the initial name of the project was Multi-Pac. As more and more games were added to the framework, the name changed to MAME.

At first, MAME would only run on MS-DOS systems, but soon there would be versions for Macintosh, Unix and Windows platforms.

But its 2021 now and pretty much everything can run on your mobile device. MAME is no exception to that statement. And so, in this article, we will take a look at some of the best Arcade emulators that you can install on your Android device to enjoy some old school gaming. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.