Minecraft’s first phase of the highly-anticipated Caves and Cliffs update has now been released by Mojang.

The update has landed on all versions of the Bedrock and Java editions of the game, including the game as available on iOS and Android devices.

Caves and Cliffs adds a large plethora of new content to the game, including new mobs, blocks and items to discover. It also makes changes to world generation, including adding new biomes like the underground caves that make subterranean exploration more interesting.

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The latter stuff won’t be seen in Minecraft until later this year though, as this update currently only includes half the content with a focus being on the mobs, items and blocks.

From today you can expect to find the Goat, Axolotl, Crystals, Spyglass, Geodes, Tinted Glass, Copper, Lightning Rod, Glow Squid, Glow Ink, Powder Snow, Lush Cave Blocks, Dripstone Cave Blocks, Deepslate, Ore Variants, Glow Lichen all in the game.

Meanwhile, the second half of the update doesn’t have a release date yet but is simply planned for the “holiday season”, meaning we should expect to see it somewhere around November or December. This update will include all the world and biome generation changes.

So to summarise: today you can access the new mobs, items and blocks for Caves and Cliffs, but the new biomes and world changes won’t be available until later in the year. We will be sure to update you once we have a confirmed date for the second half of the update.

You can download Minecraft now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid title costing £6.99 and also has in-app purchases.

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