Roguelike deck builder Breach Wanderers is out now on the Google Play Store in early access, where players can experience the unique marriage of collectible card games and roguelike RPGs in one exhilarating package.

Baronnerie Games’ unique take on the hybrid genre lets you go on a single-player adventure set in a cyber-fantasy world. Players will have to come up with their own genius strategies to survive each run, with tons of customization options not just for your deck but also for how you level up your hero.

The creative freedom is evident even as you obtain resources to upgrade your units and your guild, as well as unlock cards to buff up your set. You can also choose which cards you want to see in every run, so the randomness doesn’t blindside you too much. Of course, as expected of the genre, no two runs will be the same, as monsters and special events are still at the mercy of the RNG gods - you’ll never know what to expect within the Breach.

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There will be eight playable characters upon launch, with four customizable buildings to upgrade, more than 50 monsters to triumph over, and a whopping 500 cards to tinker around with as you explore the five areas of the world.

Breach Wanderers won third place in the Digital Big Indie Pitch #4 - you can check out Baronnerie Games’ interview to know more about the process behind the game. There’s no word yet on the iOS release as of this writing, but Breach Wanderers is also available on Steam in Early Access. For now, you can give the Android version a go on Google Play, or visit the official website to know more about the game.

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