If you are a fan of Call of Duty: Mobile, then you must be aware of the major changes that came with the brand new Season 4. that introduced several alterations to the guns and pieces of equipment.

While you are on the battlefield, you might feel that the guns that worked great earlier are lacking damage or you might notice that some guns have gone through major changes in their stats.

In that case, we have got you covered with our detailed list of best guns in Call of Duty: Mobile. This list comprises all the five major gun categories and we have highlighted the best options in each of them.

What categories of guns are available in Call of Duty: Mobile?

As in most FPS games, weapons are sorted into a couple of different categories. We will go through each of them and point out the best guns to use on the battlefield.

  • Assault Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Light machine guns
  • Submachine guns
  • Shotguns

What are the best guns in each category?

Choosing CoD Mobile's best guns for the battlefield depends on the skills and playstyle of the player as each weapon works and deals damage differently. So we would definitely encourage you to identify your preferred playstyle before choosing a suitable weapon accordingly. But don’t worry, we have a general list of weapons from each category regardless of playstyle, which you can choose to carry into the heat of battle.

Best Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile - AK-47

From the start of Season 1, the AK-47 has remained the best automatic assault rifle. Due to high penetration damage, the gun proves to be the best in mid to close-range combat, which is extremely common in the game.

CoD Mobile best guns- AK 47

The rifle comes without any attachments such as a scope or red dot sight. So, you may have to scavenge the nearby areas to find one. However, if you are good at targeting enemies, then an AK-47 can guarantee a kill with just a few headshots. Overall, it is the best assault rifle with high burst damage and decent recoil.

Alternative - LK-24

Can be a replacement for the AK-47, since boasts high damage with less recoil. We would recommend it for players with average aiming skill. The gun is compatible with almost every attachment.

Best Sniper Rifle - Locus

Since its release in the Season 2 update, the Locus bolt-action rifle has received numerous praise for its high accuracy and one-shot kill damage. Yes, the gun’s damage is unbelievable if the target is shot at the head, torso and chest.

Best guns - Locus

But users of Locus must hone their accuracy skills as the gun lacks damage area. So, if you wish to inflict damage on the enemy make sure you have very good aiming or you may simply miss the target and alert the enemy.

Alternative - MK2 Carbine

Considered as the best alternative to Locus. Easy to use and needs average precision to take down the enemy as the bullets possess high damage. The only con of this gun is its availability.

Best Light Machine Guns (LMG) - RPD

The only LMG with firing power that is unmatched without any additional equipment. The RPD was the very first LMG game introduced in Season 1 and since then, the abilities and stats of the game remain unchanged.

One of the best things about RPD is its ammunition. You can find plenty of it lying around the maps, so you will likely never run out. Apart from that, the magazine holds 100 rounds of bullets, so if you are a pro shooter you can manage to dominate the battlefield with this gun itself.

Alternative - QQ9

Can act as a quick replacement, of course for a short period of time. The QQ9’s fast reloading and fire rate are what make it a decent gun.

Best Sub-Machine Guns in CoD Mobile - Razorback

The Razorback is a full package of decent fire rate, recoil, magazine and damage. If the in-game situation looks like there’s going to be a close-range fight, then simply pick up a Razorback and go on a killing spree.

CoD Mobile best guns - Razorback

The Razorback’s damage, coupled with full automatic shooting, makes it the perfect gun within the SMG category. It comes with 30 rounds of bullets and the ammo is also quite easy to find. Although every SMG has these qualities with a few differences, what makes the Razorback stand out from the rest with its high accuracy.

Alternative - Fennec

Although the gun got nerfed on stability, a few months back, it still works great to give support. T damage can be further increased by using specific attachments.

Best Shotgun - Echo

Not a fan of shotguns due to high recoil and fewer rounds of bullets? You might want to use this one after we discuss its abilities. The Echo is one of the best shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile right now, due to its self-reloading capability and very high damage output in extremely close combat.

The recoil can be fixed by using multiple attachments. Moreover, the gun guarantees a kill in just one shot if aimed at the head and eats up more than half of the HP if catching the target elsewhere. The Echo can be useful to land a kill if the situation is 1v1. These stats put it high on the list of CoD Mobile's best guns. 

Alternative - KRM-262

Introduced in Season 3 and praised for its explosive damage, the KRM-262 can also be used as a main weapon if you have mastered close combat skills. It is also the only shotgun that does the job in long-range combat.

That’s all for the lists of CoD: Mobile's best guns to use at the moment. As we all aware of the changing meta in-game, so keep visiting us as we keep the list up to date with new gun listings.

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