General Interactive’s upcoming point and click adventure title, Chinatown Detective Agency is set to release for Nintendo Switch this summer. The game takes place in a cyberpunk version of Singapore in 2032. Prior to its release, the developers had successfully run a Kickstarter campaign back in March 2020.

A demo version of the game released in September after being in development for around three years. Chinatown Detective Agency is inspired by the classic carmen San Diego 80’s games.

Players looking for some point and click action will want to keep an eye on this game. The story shows the world in the year 2032. It also shows how the people are suffering from the economic crisis and are in a state of social decay.

Amira Darma, a Singapore based private investigator is on a hunt to locate the accountant who has fled. Amira is the main character in the game and you play her role and carry out the investigation.

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The game’s story will assign you numerous cases to solve and will provide several twists to keep you engaged. During the investigation, you get to interact and meet other characters, some of which are incredibly suspicious and shady.

However, you can decide the story you want to play as it depends on the client you choose to work for. Being an investigator you approach people to solve their cases so it is quite obvious to play different stories.

Finally, there will also be some code-breaking tasks to test out your puzzle-solving skills. The game may present you with surprising codes, upon solving can give you a huge lead on the investigation you are working on. Also, you will have to travel through the cities of Singapore to collect shreds of evidence.

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