We are live right now over on both our Twitch and YouTube channels for the second stream of LaunchPad #4. So, come and join James Gilmour and Sophia Aubrey Drake for around two hours of reveals, gameplay and just some pleasant chat in general.

If you don't have the time to tune in right now, or prefer to watch things at your own pace, fear not. After the stream has ended, you will be able to catch up on all the reveals on either Twitch or YouTube, where a VOD of the stream will be available immediately after the show concludes.

Likewise, if you missed the stream we did yesterday, make sure to check that out in the embedded video below. We took a look at the half-year anniversary update for Forsaken World's – God and Demons and then the slick fighting game Metal Revolution before our editor, Dann Sullivan, sang the praises of the weird and wonderful My School Simulator.

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Beyond that, we also took a look at Sura, a new class in Black Desert Mobile, enjoyed a spot of Dead Cells, played some R.A.C.E and took a look at point and click adventure game, The Sundew. Our wonderful sponsors Gordon Ramsey: Chef Blast, and Daisys Revenge also made an appearance.

It was quite a packed stream then, and you can expect the second show to be equally as enthralling. So head on over to either our Twitch or YouTube channel and join James and Sophia as they a look at the best mobile gaming has to offer.

After today, we will be writing up a few of the reveals from the stream over the next week, so stay tuned to the site if you prefer to digest your news in smaller chunks. Meanwhile, if you'd like to chat about anything from yesterday or today's stream, join our Discord and have a natter with like-minded folk.

You can also head over to our LaunchPad #4 hub to keep up to date with our two-day event!