Logisk Studio has announced it will be releasing its upcoming mobile puzzle game, The Chronos Principle, for iOS and Android devices this Saturday. It will available to download on these platforms on 15th May.

The Chronos Principle is a journey through various minimalist puzzle stages with intricate designs that explores the concept of time manipulation. This revolves around the idea of having you cooperate with your past self to solve unique puzzles.

The mechanics and the ways they are communicated to you is seamlessly woven in the narrative of the game too, gradually presented to you over time in order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

There are 77 overall puzzles, each one handcrafted by developer Joey Kazma themself. You may be familiar with their previous releases such as Oculux, Orixo, and Hexio. You can check out more of the game from the trailer we've linked below.

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“I believe that with its original idea, immersive atmosphere, and minimalist art style, players will have the opportunity to experience a mind-bending journey on par with other high-quality games and provide them with an unforgettable experience,” says Kazma on this upcoming release of The Chronos Principle.

If you want to check out Kazma's earlier games, you can access them all from the official Logisk Studio website which includes links to all the appropriate store pages for them.

The game also has a few quality-of-life features for additional support, including light and dark mode and cloud saving across multiple devices.

You will be able to download The Chronos Principle on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store this Saturday, 15th May. It will be a paid title which costs $1.99.

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