Team 17 has pushed out a new content update for their survival co-op game, The Survivalist. The new farming update has gone live in-game and introduces new crops, improved combat actions and a lot of changes under the hood.

The Survivalist follows a simple rule of building together and surviving together. As you, along with other players are stuck on an island where your survival is ensured by the collective efforts of all the people out there.

First up, the farming update. Players can now plant and harvest crops for resources including rare ones and dangerous plants can be grown to be used as a defence system or as a safety measure.

So from now on, you can endlessly farm your favourite crop, as the monkeys will be there to help you out. This is possible due to the Monkey Mimic system. This not only allows you to train them to help you in farming but also allows them to become a soldier, lumberjack or builder as well.

Some of the new additions include structures, recipes, and items that will help you in your adventure on the island. Being creative and crafty is also a plus point if you’re stranded in an unknown place.

With the help of small items and random collectables, craft new pieces of equipment that will come in handy during the stay. On top of that, the new update adds Wolves, Tank Birds and Flock Birds in-game.

You can also tame new animals such as Big Cats, Wolves, Elephant Birds, Boars, Deer & Stags and rabbits from now on and add them to your camp. The new Labyrinth update adds new mini-bosses, who guard the taming recipes.

You can download The Survivalists from the iOS App Store now via Apple Arcade.

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