Since the release of Smash Legends, an action title by Line Games, the game has successfully hit the one million downloads mark within five days of launch for iOS and Android.

With such a big success, the game is receiving appreciation from various sources and is also being featured in some of the popular game magazines. After the release of the game on the 13th of April, the game was seen soaring high mainly in Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Coming to the App Markets’ rankings, it is currently the most popular game in Italy, and ranks in the top 4 and 6 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively.

With the success of the mobile title, it can be determined that players are enjoying the short action-packed matches that Smash Legends offers. Part of its success could also be thanks to the game having support for 13 different languages. It's always nice to be able to enjoy a game in your native tongue after all.

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The Head Representative of Line Games said: “We are happy to see that SMASH LEGENDS is receiving a positive response from players all over the world,” “By listening to our players, we will strive to return all their love and support through continuous updates and quality service.”

To celebrate the massive success of the game, the publishers have decided to gift Peter’s skin to all the players for free. Players will have to log in to the game and claim it. Additionally, the game will also hold a 2 week-long attendance event that rewards players with Gems, Coins, Super Special Chest, Key Doublers, and more.

Smash Legends is now available to pre-register on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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