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Smash Legends in-depth guide - 5 tips to become a master smasher

Smash Legends in-depth guide - 5 tips to become a master smasher

Follow our Smash Legends in-depth guide to do the smashing instead of getting smashed!

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While the combat in Smash Legends feels pretty straightforward, there’s more to it than spamming attacks and using the Ultimate as soon as it becomes available. Instead of going in red-hot, you must follow a cool-headed strategy that works well with your selected Legend. Otherwise, your Legend will soon fly out of the arena like a baseball hit for a home run.

Having played the games for hours and hours, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that can really elevate your combat in Smash Legends. From gaining invincibility to landing nearly every attack, these X tips will ensure that you do the most, if not all of the smashing.

We have a few gameplay-related tips in the mix too, mostly for the newbies. As for the combat tips, both newbies and veterans will benefit from them equally. So, make sure you stick around until the very end and read up on all our tips. 

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Tip #1 - Wait for openings to attack

Two characters fighting in the small arena Instead of letting your opponent destroy you in a single blow, you want to capitalize on the openings left by your opponent. Due to the cooldowns, everyone is bound to provide an opening at some point during the battle. To increase your chances of winning, you have to be on the lookout for such openings - even more so when your enemy jumps and starts the 0.5-second jump cooldown. While it is a tiny window of opportunity, it is sometimes enough to land a critical attack or start a combo. In other words, one ill-timed jump can decide the result of a battle in Smash Legends.

You can also bait the enemy to carve out an opening yourself. Run straight toward the enemy, make them think that you’re about to attack, and then move back at the very last moment. If your opponent takes the bait and attack, their attack will be wasted and you’ll have the perfect chance to land a counter-attack. This is a high-risk, high-reward technique though. You could lose the match if your opponent doesn’t take the bait or if you fail to stop and move back at the right time.

Tip #2 - Don’t waste your Ultimate

image of an Ultimate skill in Smash Legends One-shotting your opponent in Smash Legends is very much possible, thanks to some devastating Ultimate skills in the game. However, you can also end up in an embarrassing scenario where you’re locked into performing your Ultimate while your opponent stares at you from afar. Moreover, right after your Ultimate ends, you’ll be open to a lethal counterattack or find yourself stuck in a combo.

That’s why you need to perfectly understand the Ultimate of the Legend you’re using. Timing the Ultimate Skill is just as important. Instead of using it as soon as the cooldown completes, save it for when an opening appears.

Tip #3 - Cling to the arena edge

image of a Legend clinging to the arena edge In some Smash Legends maps, you can cling to the edge of the arena for a short period. This has two benefits - dodge enemy attacks, and gain invincibility when you jump back onto the arena. Okay - you gain invincibility for like a second, but that mere second can decide the outcome of the match. This can be especially helpful when you’re running low on HP.

Just remember not to cling to the edge for too long. If you do that, you’ll eventually fall off, die, and lose. In Smash Legends, it’s considered the worst way to go!

Tip #4 - Reach 175 trophies ASAP

Trophy Road screen - Smash Legends Credits, the gold of Smash Legends, are hard to come by. So, you want to unlock every possible source of earning those Credits. Sponsor is a passive way of earning Credits and Legend EXP. Once you’ve collected 175 Trophies, you’ll unlock the Sponsor feature. This is an idle rewards system. However, you’ll need an eligible Legend to start Sponsor earnings. For instance, Peter is not eligible for Sponsor EXP. You’ll at least need Master Cat or Rambert.

The Sponsor rewards accumulate for 12 hours at a rate of 5 Credits per hour and 20 EXP per hour. You can also collect 12 hours worth of rewards by watching THREE ads daily.

Tip #5 - Trophy Road and Smash Pass are gold mines

Smash Pass Smash Pass is the battle pass of Smash Legends. It has three tiers - one free and two paid. If you are a pay-to-win player, you are more than welcome to buy the Paid and Premium tier. But the free-to-play players can make do with the free tier. Simply complete the Smash Pass missions to earn Credits, EXP, Bunny Safes, Enchantment Boxes, and other valuables.

Similarly, Trophy Road is another reward system where players can earn Credits, and unlock new Legends and in-game features as a reward for winning battles and collecting Trophies. So, when you’re feeling lost or low on resources, simply complete the mission listed in Trophy Road and Smash Pass. You’ll be back on track in no time.

Along with understanding the all-important mechanics and features of the game, every newbie needs a bit of help in choosing the best character. So, use our Smash Legends tier list to find out who the strongest Legends in the game are. This will help you invest scarce resources in the right Legends.

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