Lost Light is an upcoming Survival Shooter Game by NetEase that’s now available to pre-register for Android devices. Currently, the game is set to soft-launch in Australia and New Zealand. Previously, NetEase had announced the Open Beta of the game in the same regions too.

The title’s story is about you and the other players joining the Firefly task force and invading a highly secured enemy base. The main objective of the invasion is to loot enemy equipment and supplies and manage your own shelter.

The story seems pretty straightforward then but the action involved isn’t. Players will have to tackle many difficulties while escaping with the supplies. While carrying out your mission, stay low and find the closest extraction point without being spotted as you can't pass on the loot if you’re dead.

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Like every other shooting game, this very title also focuses more on the guns. It allows various modifications, where players can alter the gun with the help of the new Blueprint System.

To make the game more exciting, it has a ranked mode where the winner gets a chance to claim any rare supplies from the prize pool. One unique feature of the game is that it allows partnering with a stranger which promotes teamwork and easier victory in matches.

Collect loot and upgrade your shelter to secure your survival in this apocalypse. Interested players can also trade items with others. Create allies and fight the enemies for your survival.

The game will be releasing on the 28th of April for Android devices in Australia and New Zealand. The publisher also plans to expand the regions, which will be officially announced in May. Players can visit the official website to pre-register themselves.

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