Back in December 2020, Square Enix announced Just Cause: Mobile for both iOS and Android. It's an exciting prospect on paper, a franchise known for bombastic, over-the-top action making its way to mobile devices. Of course, there will always be questions about how well it will play on a touch screen device, but we like to remain optimistic here at Pocket Gamer.

If you've parasailed onto this page, you're most likely looking to digest as many details about Just Cause: Mobile as you possibly can. For your convenience, we've collated all of the currently available facts – and a few speculations – into one place. Whether that's information on the Just Cause: Mobile release date or how it will differ from its PC and console counterparts, we've got you covered.

What is Just Cause: Mobile and how does it differ from the console and PC games?

Just Cause: Mobile is an upcoming action shooter that has been designed specifically for mobile devices. This means that it'll be a little bit different from the main entries into the series whilst trying to maintain the DNA of the games. As such, we can still expect to grapple, glide, gun down foes and blow almost everything up. It just wouldn't be a Just Cause game otherwise.

However, a third-person action game with the usual level of Just Cause explosivity would likely be too frenetic on mobile devices. Therefore, Square Enix has instead opted to go for a top-down perspective in Just Cause: Mobile. The game will also have four different game modes for players to enjoy when it releases.

Just Cause Mobile release date Story Campaign

The first is a story campaign that sees you becoming a member of the Agency's secret program, Firebrand. From there, you'll be dispatched to deal with an enemy organisation called Darkwater. Whilst battling against this organisation, you'll rise through the ranks and form important alliances with various characters, whom you'll likely be familiar with if you're a fan of the series.

Triple Threat

Next up, we have Triple Threat, a 30-person competitive multiplayer mode. However, whilst that immediately sounds like a smaller scale battle royale, it's actually a team-based game variant. It will see three teams of 10 battling against one another to secure bases and net points whilst fighting across large maps.

The teams can utilise a huge arsenal of weapons and vehicles to eliminate their opponents before capturing the bases. Additionally, this mode also gives you the option to form clans with your teammates, leading to bigger and better rewards.

Co-op Missions

If PvP isn't your idea of fun, then you might be interested in the co-op missions for a spot of PvE instead. In this mode, a team of four will battle against waves of enemies in a series of missions. These won't just be your standard foot soldiers either. The enemy won't be shy about deploying armoured mechs and heavy tanks in a bid to destroy your team.

Challenge Mode

Finally, Challenge Mode is the last of the game variants that will be available at launch. Here, you will aim to attain high scores in three different scenarios; Destruction, Wingsuit and Race. This might be causing as much explosive chaos as possible within an allotted time in the former or setting a speedy lap time in Wingsuit or Race challenges.

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Can I create and customise a character or, do I play as Rico Rodriguez?

When Just Cause: Mobile releases for iOS and Android, you won't be playing as the usual series protagonist Rico Rodriguez. Instead, you'll be creating a character from a selection of different aesthetic choices. How extensive this feature will be, remains to be seen, though.

Additionally, the game will have a loadout system that allows you to select your armour and gear. These different pieces of equipment will bring set attributes that will suit different playstyles. There isn't too much specific information on what this involves just yet, however.

What is the Just Cause: Mobile release date?

At the time of writing, Square Enix hasn't announced the Just Cause: Mobile release date. They have simply stated that it will launch for iOS and Android sometime in 2021. Judging by the snippets of gameplay we've seen so far, it looks like the game's development is progressing well, but these are cherry-picked bits of footage.

It's also worth remembering that the game will have multiplayer. As such, Square Enix may look to carry out various beta tests to ensure everything runs smoothly online before unveiling the Just Cause: Mobile release date. Therefore, it may slowly roll out in soft-launch before it releases globally. 

Just Cause Mobile news

Will Just Cause: Mobile be premium or free-to-play?

Unlike the PC and console entries into the Just Cause series, Just Cause: Mobile will not be a premium title. Instead, Square Enix has opted for a free-to-play model, like with their other mobile games such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Details on what the in-app purchases for the game will be are fairly scarce at the moment. An answer to an FAQ regarding IAPs on Just Cause: Mobile's website reads: “Yes, there will be opportunities for players to acquire items in-game.”

"Items" is a fairly vague term by itself. This could refer to anything from gameplay boosters to cosmetic items for your custom character. However, given the game's focus on multiplayer, it certainly seems likely we'll see some cosmetic items available through in-app purchases. There's also the possibility that equipment can be upgraded using some kind of in-game currency as well.

And that's everything we know at the moment. We'll be sure to update you when we learn the Just Cause: Mobile release date or, you could sign up for the newsletter over on the game's official site.