Tower of Wishes is a recently announced fantasy match-3 puzzler by Ironcode Gaming. The game will be available for iOS devices and is set for a worldwide release on the 3rd of May and looks to stand out from the crowd with a few unique features.

The story revolves around a character who has lost his identity and you are tasked with helping him recover it. By reaching the top of the tower, it's possible to ask for a wish that is guaranteed to be granted, which might be key to uncovering his identity and restoring his memories.

Along with new and improved gameplay mechanics, there are also mini-games such as Hidden Objects, Find The Differences, Chain Solitaire and Slider for you to try out. This will hopefully make for a nice change of pace outside the main match-3 gameplay. 

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Altogether, there are a total of 100 levels of match-3 puzzles for you to solve. Besides that, each minigame will also have a number of levels kept for you to beat, along with some rewards for doing so. Take a look at the official trailer of the game above. 

Meanwhile, you can fully customize the gameplay options to suits your needs. With so many games included inside one, the ability to customize the options was very mandatory as it really affects the gameplay experience.

Tower of Wishes has introduced new types of runes and tiles for an enhanced match-3 gameplay experience. This newly added system greatly affects the playstyle as each rune has its own unique attribute which can apparently really alter the experience.

The game is set to release on the App Store as well as Steam on May 3rd. 

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