Fans of Android devices have had it rough. Not only do they miss out on Apple Arcade exclusives, but there are plenty of games that are released only for iOS, too. Google Play’s open market provides a wide space for games to make their mark with Early Access and other options, but some of the higher quality games never make it to the platform.

There’s a huge gamut of different types of Android phones and tablets, each with different specs, including powerhouses like the new ROG phones and devices like the Nvidia Shield, which is basically the equivalent of a Nintendo Switch. With each new generation, we are getting closer to console-quality graphics on our portable devices, but we’re not quite there yet.

Tons of games have made the jump from PC or console to mobile successfully, but it’s a difficult process. With such a wide array of hardware configurations, developers have to ensure that it works on all of the targeted devices instead of focusing on one machine or the latest ‘recommended specs’ for PC.

Either way, the allure of having a fully-realized and fleshed-out experience in the palm of hands is enticing, and is an untapped market full of thirsty consumers, just waiting for their next daily commute obsession.

We believe that the following ten games from Steam and consoles would be perfect to play on the go — on your Android phone or tablet.