During their first Square Enix Presents digital show today, the publisher unveiled a full cinematic trailer for their upcoming top-down shooter Just Cause: Mobile. The game was initially announced in December last year, during the 2020 Game Awards.

You can check that trailer out in the embedded video below. Though there's no actual gameplay on display we do get to see some of the characters we'll encounter during Just Cause: Mobile, including the likes of Annika, Teo and of course, Rico Rodriguez.

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The game's campaign sees you playing as the latest member of Firebrand, a special division within The Agency. Your mission will be to stop a new mercenary group called Darkwater in an adventure that takes place across three open-world areas in different parts of the globe, with each offering pretty sizeable locations to explore.

Just Cause: Mobile looks to deliver the same action-packed experience the core games in the series offer but tailored for mobile devices. That means you'll be switching between grappling, gliding and gunning folks down as usual but from a top-down perspective.

There will be a mixture of single-player and multiplayer game modes to dive into, depending on your personal preferences. One of the PvP offerings includes Triple Threat, a 30-person mode where three teams of 10 players will battle it out to gain control of various bases.

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If you'd rather kick back and cause wanton destruction with your pals, there will be a series of co-op missions to complete too. In this setup, four players can battle against waves of enemies that will bring serious firepower with them such as heavy tanks and armoured mechs.

Just Cause: Mobile will be heading for the App Store and Google Play sometime in 2021. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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