June 7th, 2021 - Slight adjustments to the tiers, added Ansh and Pryya

In this Darkfire Heroes Tier list, we’ll look through the different types of heroes and tell you what to expect when building a team. Once you get into the swing of managing your team in Darkfire Heroes, you’re going to want to quickly find out who are the best characters in the game.

Having a well-balanced team filled with the best heroes is essential to taking on harder levels in the game, and while each team has its merits, ensuring you have the right hero for the job is ultimately the goal. With different roles and elements to worry about, the strongest hero isn’t always the best in some cases, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each can be the difference between success and failure.

Darkfire Heroes sorted by rarity

To begin, there are three different grades of heroes: common, rare, and epic. While common heroes aren’t the most diverse, they are easier to upgrade because you will earn them more often.

Rarer heroes will provide extra abilities and strength, but are harder to find and will take longer to level up. Epic heroes are the best of the bunch, but with such a low drop rate, you’ll be hard-pressed to upgrade them.

Darkfire Heroes tier list

The recommendation is to focus primarily on common and rare heroes, at least if you’re not wanting to spend any money. These two grades of heroes will see significantly higher drops than epic heroes, and while they won’t provide you with the most diverse or strongest hero types out there, you’ll likely gain more mileage this way. So, without further delay, let dive into the Darkfire Heroes tier list!