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Darkfire Heroes tips and cheats for improving your party

A few tips to help you out with the Darkfire heroes

Darkfire Heroes tips and cheats for improving your party
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If you’ve come here looking for tips for how to best prepare your team to fight hordes of enemies, this Darkfire Heroes tips and tricks guide will get you well on your way. In this guide, I will provide you with essential tips to formulate your best team, unlock new heroes and spells, and get free gems and cards.

Let’s begin with putting your best team together. A strong team is essential to surviving the many challenges that Darkfire Heroes has to offer.

Best Team Assembly

In order to get the most balanced team fighting for you, it's important to consider what each role plays in your fights. We recommend that you use two tanks at the front to do the heavy damage, two damage dealers to deliver ranged damage, and a healer to keep them all doing their jobs with enough health to get by.

You can experiment a little here and there with the tanks and ranged units, but try to keep it down to one healer, as some tanks can heal as well. If you’re needing some extra firepower to take down a particularly tough-to-beat boss, try using four damage dealers and one healer or support character to round out the team.

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Unlocking New Heroes and Spells

Gaining new heroes and spells is as easy as leveling up. Increasing your level is done by earning EXP, which can be attained by upgrading your existing heroes and spells. Upgrading heroes, like most hero-based games these days, requires duplicates of that hero to upgrade, which you can receive in your chests or daily deals. To level up, go to your cards, pick the hero or spell you want to level up, tap level up and it will automatically add to your EXP.

Spells are the same, but leveling them up is perhaps more important because even though you are constantly swapping out heroes to change elemental damage, your spells can be swapped out to help fill the gaps if you don’t have the perfect team for the level you’re facing.

Free Gems and Cards

In Darkfire Heroes, gems are the currency that allows you to buy gold and replenish your energy when you run out, while cards are used for leveling up heroes and spells. You can gain random cards and gold from chests. There’s a free chest waiting for you in Daily Deals each day, and you can earn more by playing the campaign or by doing quests and sending heroes out on expeditions. If you earn enough keys to play in the Arena, you can also gain chests this way.

Gems are also earned in daily, weekly, and monthly deals under the special deals section. You don’t earn too much this way, but it’s a good start, and you’ll be earning plenty by doing quests. At the battle screen, you can select quests to open the menu, then complete either the daily, weekly, or monthly quests to earn points. You start by earning gold, but after enough points, you’ll begin earning gems and chests, too.

There’s a lot to a game like Darkfire Heroes, but this guide will help you level up your team quickly. Getting gems and cards will help level up your team and their equipment and get you back out fighting, fiercer than ever.

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