They say when one door closes, another one opens, but I think the game The Door might have taken this concept a little too far.

The Door is a puzzle game developed by AR Blox. The game takes place in a fictional world where you have no other choice but to keep moving forward. One day a digital door appears in your living room; you don’t know why but a voice calls you from the other side. As you go through the door, you find yourself in a beautiful dessert you’ve never seen before.

Story of The Door

You’re the only human in sight, and you’re probably the only person that’s ever been in this place. You’re surrounded by different and unique wildlife, beautiful scenery from out of this world, and a bunch of doors around you. As the door that transported you to this place closes, your only option is to figure out how to open the other doors hoping to get back home.

The Door preview

Sounds awesome, right? That’s what The Door will be about, but there isn’t much of that going on as of right now. The game hasn’t been released yet, and if you go to the Google Play Store, you’ll find a free Open Beta you can try for yourself. In case you don’t feel like doing it, you’re not missing much. At least not for now.

The gameplay

The Open Beta on Android doesn’t offer much playability or anything interesting that’s worth delving into right now. You start with a door in front of you and have to figure out how to open it. Then, once you cross it, there’s yet another door with a different puzzle waiting for you.

Since it’s only a beta version, there isn’t much to do, but the good news is that this game has potential. The puzzles revolve around a door, go figure, right? But they’re extremely well made. There aren’t many puzzles in this version, but the developers did a great job changing the same puzzle types to keep them entertaining, at least for a while.

The Door gameplay

After you open a bunch of doors, though, you end up tackling the same puzzles over and over again. Most of them are easy, but you will need to move around and check your surroundings in some of them. There are some slight variations in each puzzle, but it’s nothing worth repeating. Hopefully, AR Blox is likely saving the best puzzles for the full game.

Graphic and visuals of The Door

What’s really cool about the beta is the aesthetics of the game. Just like the dev team says, you feel like you're in a unique environment that’s nothing like what you’ve ever seen before. You go from the desert to a jungle in a matter of seconds, and everything is entirely different.

AR Blox also says there is a big story behind the game, but sadly, there isn’t any of it in the beta version on Android. Personally, I’d rather wait than have the story spoiled for me right now, but let’s hope it’s worth waiting for.

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As of right now, The Door seems promising. There isn’t much to dissect from our first impressions, but the game has the potential to be a really cool indie game. There isn’t an official release date, but we should expect to see it sometime this year. We’ll have to wait to give our final review, but it’s looking really good for The Door.

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