Today we will check out the best units in AFK Arena and break it down into a complete AFK Arena tier list so you know exactly who to aim for when summoning. Now before we get started, I need to mention a couple of things.

AFK Arena is the ideal game if you want to play something great but have little to no time. As the name implies, you don't even have to be active in the game to have a (somewhat) steady progress. It's all about doing some adjustments every now and then, leveling up the units, then it's all down to AFK-ing.

Firstly, there are different instances where you can use the heroes - it's not all just PvE and AFK. If you actively play the game, you will have PvP Arena, Lab, Boss, and of course, the PvE we all know and love.

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Secondly, given that all this content differs, some heroes will do better for a certain type of content. Take Alna for example - she has great AoE and Haste reduction, as well as immunity, but all that won't be of much use vs Boss. So, she is not really an S-tier unit when it comes to that, but overall her rating is amazing and she's definitely worthy of S+ on our AFK Arena tier list.

That being said, I've broken down the tier list into 5 categories, starting with General, where we can see the rough tier a hero will fall under. Then, we'll cover the best PvE heroes, which are mainly heroes with plenty of AoE damage and sustain which can easily clean mobs. Afterward, we'll take a look at some of the best heroes you can use for PvP (mainly single target, burst damage, and self-sustain), and finish off with the best heroes you can use for Boss and for the Arcane Labyrinth.

Pretty exciting, right? So let's check them out! 

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