With a player base of millions, Coin Master is a game that doesn't shy away from giving free rewards! Every single day there is a new freebie, that is definitely going to help you advance and get more rewards. With each passing day, players can claim a bunch of Coin Master free spins from the game's Facebook, and let's be honest - who doesn't want some?

How to use the free spins in Coin Master?

If you want to claim your free spins in Coin Master, all you need to do is have a Facebook account and make sure that the game is linked to it. If you don't have one and you play the game, it might be time to consider dipping your toes into social media. These small daily rewards are definitely worth it in the long run.

coin master free spins

Keep in mind that the spins are available only for 3 days. For example, you can claim the spins that were released 2 days ago, but not 3 days ago. The best way to stay up-to-date with the latest links to get free spins in Coin Master is to bookmark this page and check back every day. We'll update the links daily, so you won't have to worry about a thing!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your daily dose of Coin Master spins!

Coin Master Free Spins - 23rd of February 2021

22nd of February 2021

Coin Master Free Spins - 21st of February 2021

20th of February 2021

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But wait, what's that? Do you want more Coin Master free rewards? I hear you, and I am here to help you out! Did you know that the game has additional rewards and giveaways on its official Twitter page? Make sure you check it out because there might be some rewards that are not advertised on the game's Facebook page.