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7 rarest cards in Coin Master and how to get them

7 rarest cards in Coin Master and how to get them

There are only three ways to grab some of these cards, which makes them the rarest cards in Coin Master.

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Coin Master is an incredibly addictive slot machine game for mobile devices. At first glance, this genre may seem monotonous, but Moon Active managed to surprise everyone by creating a game based on a slot machine with many features.

Players must control the Viking village and spin the wheel to perform various actions. You can complete different levels and attack other players. Moreover, there are many different Card Sets in the game, and some of these cards are very rare. This guide will tell you about the rarest cards in Coin Master and how you can get them. Also, make sure to check our Coin Master village cost list!


As mentioned, Coin Master offers plenty of activities for you to dive into, but your main task will be earning Coins. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, from spinning the wheel to collecting items.

Cards are special items players can find in Coin Master. These collectibles allow you to score valuable rewards, including free spins.

Rewards are issued for collecting Card sets. Coin Master has a huge variety of different sets, and each of them contains nine cards. Some cards are dropped frequently, while others are very rare - and many sets have one or more rare Cards. The rarer the Cards in a set, the better the reward for it will be.

So, without further ado, here's our list of the seven rarest Cards in Coin Master!

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Andromeda card in Coin Master

The first on our list of rarest cards in Coin Master is a very beautiful Card called Andromeda. Andromeda is a distant galaxy in cold space. Therefore, it is quite logical that it is one of the Cards in the Space set. If you find it, you will get five stars. However, only players with a lot of luck in the 100th village can get the Andromeda Card.

Farmer Feng

Farmer Feng card

The second on our list is a Card from the China set. Feng is a farmer with a smile on his face. It can take you a very long time to complete the China Card set, as these Cards are scattered across many levels. But Farmer Feng can be found in the 52nd village called Swamp. We strongly recommend that you keep this Card until you have a complete set.

Cosmic Carl

Cosmic Carl card

Although Carl is in space, he belongs to the Warriors set. If you are lucky, you can find him in the 217th village called Country folk band. If you're lucky enough to find a duplicate, then be sure to save it, as Cosmic Carl may come in handy for you to trade with other players.


Coin Master card Armstrong

This strong man is one of the rarest Cards in Coin Master. It belongs to the Circus set, for which you can get very valuable rewards. To get Armstrong, you just need to get to the 55th village called Jurassic. Even so, you will have to put in a lot of effort to find this rare Card in Coin Master, as not everyone can find him there.

Barrel Tank

Barrel Tank rare card

Fifth on our list of the rarest Cards is the Barrel Tank. You can try to find it by reaching the 120th village called Soccer. It belongs to the Goblins set. However, only those who have luck on their side in the gacha can get this armoured Barrel. For some reason, this Card is very rarely seen by players.

Pig Knight

Pig Knight is one of the rarest cards in Coin Master

The next Card in the list of rarest Coin Master cards is called Pig Knight. Like Cosmic Carl, it belongs to the Warriors set. This Card can be found in the 206th village called Jamaica. But as you might have guessed, not all players are able to find Pig Knight there. Therefore, you will have to use other methods to collect a Warriors set if you're not fortunate enough.

Archery Camp

Archery Camp card

And the last one on our list of the rarest Cards in Coin Master belongs to the Knights set. You can find it in the 207th village called Louie the 16th. We recommend that you try to find Archery Camp since collecting the entire Knights set will reward you with 10,000 spins.


There are several ways to get rare Cards in Coin Master:

  • Viking Quest - Complete various Viking quests and play Viking slots.
  • Chests - By going on raids or unlocking new villages, you will receive chests that may contain rare Cards. You can also buy chests.
  • Trading - This is the best way to get the Cards you need. You can trade with other players on various platforms and buy or trade Cards from them. Be wary of scammers, though!

That's all you need to know about the seven rarest Cards and how to get them in Coin Master. It is difficult to get these Cards, especially if you don't want to spend money. Therefore, we recommend that you collect any Cards to trade them later for the ones you need.

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