AFK Arena is full of characters. In fact, the idle RPG’s world is home to more than 100 powerful heroes with distinct back-stories, allegiances and abilities. Esperia was once a peaceful land; Duma, the goddess of life, and Annih, the god of death, got along swimmingly… until their world-shattering falling out sparked endless war. Unlike Duma and Annih, the two new arrivals to AFK Arena make quite the team.

Joker and Queen are swapping the Tokyo streets of Persona 5 for the wilds of Esperia, where their fabled summoning abilities are sure to come in handy. Joker, the protagonist of hit JRPG Persona 5, is a member of vigilante group the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. As ‘leader of the pack’, he can usually be found directing a ragtag bunch of highschoolers on missions to exorcise the evil in mankind. Among the aforementioned bunch is the Queen, otherwise known as Makoto Niijima, who moonlights as a Phantom Thief when not fulfilling her duties as student-council president. Persona 5 follows the team’s daring exploits within the Metaverse – the realm of the subconscious.

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In AFK Arena, Joker and Queen retain their iconic appearances – albeit with a flourish of the game’s distinctive visual style. Joker can summon his famous persona, Arsene, to release crushing attacks such as Maeigaon on opponents. Meanwhile, Queen can conjure her persona Johanna, a motorcycle whose ultimate attack is anything but charming, battering multiple foes in a single strike.

This latest collaboration with Persona 5 is one of several crossovers in 2020, which have seen a be-hooded Ezio Auditore of Assassin’s Creed, Ainz Ooal Gown of Overlord and Ukyo Tachibana of Samurai Shadow join AFK Arena’s roster of playable heroes. Even famous YouTuber Markiplier made a cameo as a wise-cracking NPC.

You’ll have the chance to freely ‘test-drive’ Joker and Queen during the New Year update on 30 December, before each character goes on sale from 27 February 2021. The New Year update includes a Persona 5-themed PvE dungeon, where you can explore the maze of your heroes’ hearts, battling the monsters that reside within and walking out with rewards and experience points.

In addition to the promise of ever more new, exciting characters like Joker and Queen, AFK Arena’s casual style of roleplay, vividly original artwork and detailed lore has helped attract millions of players. You can join them by downloading AFK Arena for free from Google Play or the App Store.

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