Welcome to our Garena Free Fire SMGs complete guide! This is another step on our quest to cover all of the weapons in Free Fire completely, so stay with us in the days to come! You can already check our Free Fire launchers guide and LMG guide.

Today we are covering SMGs, and of course, we have to start with a few interesting facts. SMG is short for the sub-machine gun, a term developed by the creator of the famous Thompson gun, General John Thompson. A curious fact is that the first one was made by Steyr in Austria-Hungary (M1912) for trench warfare, and it resembled a handgun much more than the modern SMGs.

How to make most of the Free Fire SMGs?

In Garena Free Fire SMG is a basic weapon, usually found as a regular first weapon. The moment when you drop is the perfect time to find one. It has enough range to kill anyone around you, and the rate of fire enables you to out damage most other weapons. Especially when most foes don’t have any armor yet, or just have the first vest.

Later in the game, most players will find something more powerful and run with it, keeping the SMG as a solid backup weapon. Why? Well, it cannot pack enough punch to go through the best vests in the game. It will take a lot of time to down a foe who’s fully equipped, especially if the range is mid-long. Therefore, I suggest using it as a second option. There are weapons with a similar rate of fire that are much more reliable to use in long-range fights, as well as the close range.

I’ve seen pro players using them in the late game, but most players aren’t skilled enough to do this (including me) so I’d rather use an assault rifle or LMG if I’m going for full auto. To be honest, if you compare the stats with other automatic weapons, you’ll realize that most SMGs can’t compare with any AR and win.

Mostly, the play tactic with SMGs is to run around as much as possible to get in range, use walls for cover, and then quickly burst down the opponent.

Let’s check each Garena Free Fire SMG in detail.


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