Free Fire LMG guide is another step to our full coverage of every weapon in the game! There aren’t many LMGs in the game. Only two in this category, although theoretically there are 3. We’ll cover both of them and leave the third one in the AR category, as the developers decided it’s an assault rifle. Their game, their rules!

LMG is short for “light machine gun”, or the machine gun that can be used by a single soldier. It doesn’t require a crew for handling and recharging. The ones that have a bipod or tripod can also be used as medium machine guns. Oddly enough, the first LMG was made in Denmark in 1883! It was called the Madsen machine gun, look it up.

Anyway, in Free Fire LMGs are weapons that can be used all the way until the end of the round. They are reliable both in terms of damage and range. Other good reasons to use them would be their range and the rate of fire which is outstanding. But the main reason players love them is that you probably won’t have to reload once during the whole round!

Another interesting fact is that you can’t fit any attachments at each of them, so there is no room for improvement of the weapon. However, this is not necessary as they are both more than viable in their default state.

Every good Free Fire crew should have at least one LMG, as he can suppress the opponents to one spot, basically pinning them for the rest of his team. It’s up to them whether they’ll try to flank and destroy the enemy or throw them a few grenades and make a nice barbecue.

So, let’s compare them!


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