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What's the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX?

What's the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire is undeniably one of the most famous and widely played battle royale games available on the mobile platform, with the player base constantly growing with each update. Garena, the game’s developers, has also released Free Fire MAX, which can essentially be stated to be the improved variant.

Although the main focus and core gameplay elements of both remain the same, there are still specific variances you can find upon proper comparison. This guide lists all the major differences that can be noted between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

Major differences between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX

Listed below are some of the most considerable dissimilarities between the two games:

Improved graphics

One of the significant gulfs between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX is the graphics offered, with the latter providing a much-improved visual experience to the players. Accordingly, those with capable devices can enjoy the battle royale title in considerably better graphics.

Even though the visuals offered by Free Fire aren’t that bad, the ones featured in the MAX variant are certainly a step higher, and you will love the intricate map design, animations, and other things as you play matches in the different game modes.

Better sound effects

Besides the improvement in terms of the visuals, the sound effects provided in Free Fire MAX are superior to that of regular Free Fire. You will be able to notice a considerable difference, considering that the audio effects have been optimized in the MAX iteration by the developers.

Thus, while playing the matches, you will be able to identify things better, and the audio cues won’t leave you confused, as is the case with Free Fire on some occasions.

Device requirements

In line with the improvements, it should also be understood that the device requirements will differ between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. The latter will be highly demanding, requiring more storage space and RAM.

If you own a low-end device, it would be preferred to play the regular game as it will give you stable frames per second. In the meantime, high-end device users can go ahead with MAX and enjoy the benefits that it has to offer.

Exclusive features like 360-degree lobby

The developers have also provided Free Fire MAX with a few exclusive features, such as the 360-degree lobby, which is an excellent addition as it makes the lobby more interactive and customizable. Earlier, Craftland used to be an exclusive feature, but now it has been integrated into the regular variant.

Moreover, the developers previously provided an enhanced version of the Bermuda map for FF MAX; however, they have now made the updates constant for both games, introducing the same features.

Besides these changes, you will find that the gameplay of both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX is nearly identical, and you can matchmake with friends regardless of the version being played. Furthermore, the same accounts can be utilized for playing both games, allowing you to carry over your progress and switch between them anytime required.

You may also check out the latest Free Fire redeem codes by heading over to this guide. These will enable you to acquire free rewards such as skins, costumes, and other items.

Nishant Thakkar
Nishant Thakkar
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