Call of Duty Mobile is the bite-sized version of the always popular Call of Duty series. In mobile, you'll sometimes see ports of the console and PC games but this is its own entity with its own group of gamers and fans. Since its inception, it has quickly garnered well over one million downloads.

The game has also quickly (and rather quietly) become a pretty popular game in the esports world. Maybe not quite as big as the Call of Duty League or other mobile leagues like what Brawl Stars and Clash Royale have but it has been a very competitive scene with some great championship action.

The game is a nominee for Mobile Game of the Year at the 2020 The Game Awards and it's not surprising considering the popularity of the game (and the fact that it's very good). But if you're new to Call of Duty or just new to COD Mobile, here are a few things to know about the 2020 TGA Mobile Game of the Year candidate.

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