Cubo's Adventure is a block puzzle game from independent developer Maxim Linetsky, also known as Go Wild Games Studio. It's available now for both iOS and Android and promises to be a 'next-generation block puzzle game'.

The developers themselves compare the game to the puzzler 1010 in the sense that you have a board to fill up using shapes, with full lines clearing that row or column. The difference with Cubo's Adventure, however, is that you draw the shapes with your finger, instead of simply placing them on the board.

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Each shape will have a set number of blocks and turns to draw on the board, so you will need to ensure there is always enough space for it. To do so you'll want to constantly be clearing lines and matching colours to create room for additional shapes. You can check out some gameplay from Cubo's Adventure in the embedded video above.

There are two different game variants to make your way through in Cubo's Adventure. The first is called Story Mode, which will consist of thirty-six levels spread across four chapters. Each of these will have their own themes and mechanics to overcome.

The second game variant is Infinite Mode. This will task you with solving a series of randomly generated levels that will become increasingly more difficult the further you progress. There will be a mixture of daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards on offer to see how you stack up against the competition.

Cubo's Adventure is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a completely free game without any in-app purchases or even adverts to worry about.

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