Home Valley is an upcoming social game that'll be heading for iOS and Android soon. It will see players exploring the world, making friends, playing minigames, doing a spot of crafting and designing their own dream home.

The game starts with players possessing a single, empty room which they can eventually build into a home they'd dream of living in. When they venture outside they'll be able to collect different resources including wood, glass and plastic which can be used to craft items for their home.

Once created, these items can then be customised further with a variety of stickers, patterns and colours. Everything from the walls, items and floors can be customised, giving players a potentially endless choice of combinations.

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It's also intended to be a very social game with players able to chat with their virtual neighbours using the quick chat system. There will also be a choice of animations and emojis to select from on top of this to allow for a nice conversation without the need to type. More emojis will be unlocked as they continue to level up too.

Beyond that, they'll be able to visit their neighbours' homes too and rate them. The higher a player's rating the higher they'll place on the leaderboards. They will also be able to take snapshots of their own homes to share on social media.

Another interesting feature in Home Valley is the Art Gallery. Here players will be able to sell their creations to the highest bidder. They'll even be able to track them down later and see how they're being displayed.

Home Valley will be heading to the App Store and Google Play sometime soon. We don't have word on a release date just yet but we'll be sure to update you as and when we learn more.

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