You might be having Among Us connection issue that you can't solve, as we did. Here is how to fix all of them without breaking a sweat, and play the game without any further problems.

Among Us is a wonderful multiplayer game to enjoy with friends and you can do so across multiple platforms. That's right, you can crossplay with players on Android, iOS, and Steam at any time, making it a great party game at home, or online.

If you want some quick instructions on setting up a game of Among Us with your friends, you are in the right place, and we're going to walk you through what you need to know to get playing.

But you can also get connection issues while playing Among Us - if you've had connection issues recently as we have, just take a look at our tips below and hopefully we have the solution for you.

Playing with friends, local

When playing with friends in the same room, you can do so over WiFi - whether this is local WiFi or over your network router, I actually don't know, but make sure you're all connected to the same router just in case.

Once the first player has opened a lobby as a host, the other players should be able to refresh their menus and see their friend on the screen, once everyone is in the lobby and has used the laptop to customise their character, the game can begin.

Playing with friends, online

If you want to play with your friends online (perfect for hang-outs over Zoom or Discord) then you'll want to host an online lobby.

While you're hosting in a lobby there will be a switch at the bottom of the screen which you can change between Public and Private. If you only want to play with friends, go with Private and share the code at the bottom centre of the screen - your friends will be able to enter this code on the main online menu.

If you manage to get all your friends in and still have space for more players, you can then swap over to Public and let the online system fill the rest.

As the host you can edit a number of factors, such as the number of imposters (good for higher numbers of players), the map, the colour of the crewmates, and more. With friends local or far, you're sure to have a good time.

Playing with strangers, online

Playing with strangers is a bit easier, honestly. All you really need to do is join a random lobby which has a few spaces free - which is very, very simple.

You can of course also decide to host a game, and then simply leave the lobby public. This, at least, gives you control over the map and finer details of the game.

Playing with strangers isn't as fun - unless you're the imposter, in which case it's wonderful.

How to solve server time-outs and connection issues

In my time playing the game I had multiple server and connection issues which made me time-out, which can really ruin the fun. While I don't have the perfect solution for you, I have a solution, which is better than nothing.

While I couldn't seem to get a game whatsoever on the Europe server, when I swapped over to the America or Asia server, it worked instantly. Your ping will be devastatingly high - probably not good if you're an imposter - but you will at least be able to play. Good luck!

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