Among Us launches the previously teased Destiny 2 collaboration

Among Us launches the previously teased Destiny 2 collaboration
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The renowned social deduction game Among Us recently launched its latest update, which includes the previously teased collaboration cosmetics with the equally popular sci-fi FPS MMO hybrid game Destiny 2. This collaboration comes with a new Cosmicube that’s up for purchase, which includes numerous outfits inspired by the series.

This update also comes with a bunch of other small quality-of-life touch-ups too, but let’s discuss what’s included in this Cosmicube first. From the looks of it, there are five new full outfits included, alongside two new helmets and some pets as well. Three of those outfits are based on the primary character classes in Destiny 2: the Hunter, Warlock, and the Titan. The other two are based on fan-favourite characters Osiris and Saint-14.

The pets available are a Ghost, the small robot companion from the game, alongside a fish-like creature that belongs to Osiris, as his Ghost. And for the last companion, there’s a green Worm, which plays a pivotal role within the lore of Destiny.

And finally, the two hats that are available are a crown inspired by one of the bosses from the game, and an overflowing chalice, which is also directly from one of the biggest raid bosses in Destiny 2.

As for the quality-of-life updates, these are on the smaller side: adjustments to the UI to make things a bit smoother, a new name for the Freeplay mode, and small things like that. You can check out a full rundown here, and in the meantime, you can nab yourself all these cool new cosmetics and download Among Us for free at either of the links below this article! In the meantime, you can also take a peek at the official website for a deeper look at the game itself.

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