Among Us will soon introduce The Fungle, a brand new tropical-themed map with a twist

Among Us will soon introduce The Fungle, a brand new tropical-themed map with a twist
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The legendary multiplayer social deduction game Among Us has revealed that a brand new map is on the way come October 24th. This free new content addition will allow players to experience a deserted island setting as opposed to the usual sci-fi theme, and, of course, brings in a ton of new mini-games to solve while doing your tasks and some new cosmetics for good measure too!

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Among Us is a game that needs absolutely no introduction. While it has perhaps fallen off in terms of popularity in recent years, for quite a while it was nigh impossible to not hear about it. This quirky little whodunnit murder mystery has earned a permanent stay in gaming lore, and despite said player base dwindling, it has maintained a steady stream of updates and new content.

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And to prove that, there’s a brand new update coming later this month. This patch gives players the chance to embark upon a brand new map to murder their friends on; The Fungle. That name is no mistake, as the map itself is a mix of a deserted island with an assortment of odd beachheads all centred around a mushroom jungle that takes up a hefty portion of the map.

As is the case with every new map, this stage introduces new tasks to perform such as roasting marshmallows and other island-themed mini-games. Add in a barrage of new cosmetics such as a fashionable sunhat, and this update is going for a more tropical spin on things that are sure to freshen up your Among Us experience.

If you’ve been hankering for a bit of a twist thrown into your typical Among Us games, there’s no better way to experience it than The Fungle. Check it out when the update launches on October 24th!

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