We've covered Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower a few times here on Pocket Gamer since it was announced all the way back in February. We've recently learned that it will be heading for iOS and Android on September 3rd, so just a mere two weeks away.

To further whet the appetites, developer Perchang has released a 3-minute video today that shows off a bunch of details for their upcoming turn-based strategy title. You can check that out in the trailer below where you'll be able to see more gameplay and catch a few story tidbits as well. It's also a good opportunity to check out some of the different classes and their abilities.

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When the game launches in a fortnight there will be over two hundred levels for players to tactically navigate their way through. This will take place across twenty-five unique environments that fans of the franchise will likely get a nostalgic buzz to see.

There will be a huge focus on loot in the game too with hundreds of weapons, items and trinkets to discover. These will, of course, be used to improve the stats of your team and there will also be Daily Quests to complete too that will net players additional rewards.

Within the Warhammer universe, Silver Tower is set during the Age of Sigmar. That means you'll be using the likes of the Knight Questor, Mistweaver Saih, Darkoath Chieftain alongside others. All of these Champions will bring their own suite of abilities to the battlefield so finding a good synergy among your team will be vital to your success.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will be heading for the App Store and Google Play on 3rd September and you can pre-register your interest on the latter now.

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