Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is an upcoming turn-based strategy title from developer Perchang. Set in Warhammer's Age of Sigmar, the game revolves around champions from all over the Mortal Realms coming together to battle for power and riches in the mysterious Silver Tower.

Unfortunately for them, they're going to have to deal with Acolytes, Tzaangors, mind-shredding Daemons, and other such monstrosities if they're to survive and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Over a lengthy campaign, you'll take on the Gaunt Summoner's trials of strength, skill, and endurance. Your quest will see you travelling across dangerous environments ranging from swamps to lava-filled hellholes – all in the hopes of uncovering pieces of the Summoner's amulet. Collecting all of these fragments will allow you to speak his true name and initiate the final fight.

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At launch, there will be over 100 stages to battle through, as well as 10 playable champions to upgrade and master, including the Knight Questor, Mistweaver Saih, Darkoath Chieftain, and more. There are also collectable skins to make your roster unique to you, and more champions are set to arrive after launch.

Each champion excels in one of three combat styles: melee, ranged, or spells. These are said to offer different playstyles, all with their own unique pros and cons.

On top of the campaign, you've got daily quests and challenges to take on. Some of the rewards on offer include in-game currency, new character traits, and legendary weapons. There are also intense solo trials for when you're feeling especially brave.

The Weekly Trial tasks you with fighting through as many stages as you possibly can. There's an element of risk involved in deciding whether to continue on after a save point or leave with what you've earned so far. If you do manage to get to the end of the Weekly Trial, you'll be rewarded with something "truly unique and powerful" – but do be careful not to die and lose everything.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is currently slated to launch for iOS and Android later this year. We've covered several other Warhammer games recently, including the upcoming MMO, Warhammer: Odyssey, and Perchang's own Warhammer Quest 2

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