Google has now announced the winners of its Indie Games Festivals in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. The contests aim to celebrate "the creativity and innovation that small games developers bring to the Play Store."

The finalists from each region were selected from a pool of hundreds of submissions. They were originally supposed to be showcased at art events in Warsaw, Tokyo, and Seoul, though these had to be cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

The decision was made to switch to an online-only format that would allow judges to view the finalists and vote for the winners. Speaking of the winners, they'll all receive prize packages containing promo campaigns, consultations with members of the Google Play team, Google hardware, and more.

Europe's winners and finalists

  • Cookies Must Die by Rebel Twins (winner)
  • inbento by Afterburn (winner)
  • The White Door by Rusty Lake (winner)
  • 60 Parsecs! by Robot Gentleman
  • Alien Escape by KORION Interactive
  • Alt-Frequencies by Accidental Queens
  • Doors: Awakening by Big Loop Studios
  • My Diggy Dog 2 by King Bird Games
  • Traffix by WebAvenue Unipessoal Lda
  • Void Tyrant by Quite Fresh Ltd.

Japan's winners and finalists

  • GIGAFALL by Shiki Game Studio (winner)
  • METBOY! by REBUILD GAMES (winner)
  • Wasurenaide, otona ni natte mo by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. (winner)
  • Boku to hakubutsukan by oridio Inc.
  • GummyShooter by simatten
  • Home Fighter by hap Inc.
  • MonsterTrader by Mitsuhiro Okada
  • Snowman Story by Odencat
  • World for Two by Seventh rank
  • Zelle by Odencat

South Korea's winners and finalists winners

  • Heroes Restaurant by Team Tapas (winner)
  • Magic Survival by LEME (winner)
  • Project Mars by Moontm (winner)
  • Dust by I-eye studio
  • Extreme Football by 9M Interactive
  • Great Sword by olivecrow
  • QV by izzle
  • Sand Shark: The Boy and The Sea by GABANGMAN STUDIO
  • Sword Master Story by CodeCAT
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