Speed 3: Grand Prix is an adrenaline-fueled Formula 1 thrill ride where you'll battle to become the best driver of all time. You'll start by selecting your favourite racing car, then it's a case of putting your skills to the test on the track and aiming for that all-important first-place finish.

That said, this isn't a sim by any stretch of the imagination, with the game really encouraging you to drive recklessly and take down your competition by any means necessary. The action can be intense and explosive, with crashes resulting in violent eruptions of debris. This means that you'll have to keep an eye on your vehicle's level of damage, lest you go spinning off the track and towards a solid wall. 

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On your way to the top, you'll race through American deserts, German asphalt, British countryside, and the neon-soaked streets of Tokyo.

The environments are all brought to life with impressive weather effects, meaning that tracks are both visually distinct and challenging in their own unique ways.

The game also offers split-screen local multiplayer, which is a very welcome addition, and there is no shortage of bonus cars to unlock as you improve your racing skills alone or with a friend. These include muscle cars, tuners, super sport, hot rods, nitro monsters, and more.

With easy-to-learn controls and a focus on fast-paced fun, Speed 3: Grand Prix should hopefully please players of any age, as long as you go into it knowing that you're not getting a hardcore sim. It's currently expected to launch for Nintendo Switch on November 10th, and it sounds like a good time.  

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