Hero Summoner is an upcoming idle RPG from Loongcheer Games that's available now for Android in Early Access form and will be heading for iOS at a later, currently unspecified, date. The game draws inspiration from Norse mythology.

It follows the typical Ragnarok setup you'll be familiar with if you've paid any interest in Norse mythology. Odin discovers that the end is coming so he desperately searches for a way to change this dire future. In Hero Summoner, his idea to defend against this is to create a hall of heroes called Valhalla.

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Here he will recruit souls of warriors, feed them and give them rigorous training to prepare for the arrival of Ragnarok. There will be over 200 different Heroes to recruit in the game, with each having up to four skills to make use of in battle.

There are also 6 different elements to consider before heading into a fight that will have various interactions with each other. Therefore, it'll be important to create a mixed team so that your troops are prepared for whatever combination of elements they'll face in battle.

There will be a host of dungeons to beat that will net players various rewards that can be used to further improve their Heroes. Naturally, as this is an idle game, you don't have to truly engage with all of these battles if you'd rather just let the game do all the heavy lifting in between play sessions.

There will also be some PVP features within Hero Summoner. Players will be able to fight against each other in the Global Arena to see who has cultivated the best tactics. There's also the option to create and join Guilds, however, if you'd prefer to ally with other players instead of warring against them.

Hero Summoner is available now over on Google Play in Early Access and will be heading to the App Store at a later date. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchase.

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