Spring is here, the sun is shining (it is here in the UK at least), and we've got an awful lot of free time on our hands. And yet an unhealthy amount of May was spend hunched over our mobile phones.

As ever, you can blame those pesky games. There have been some fun little diversions that have developed into raging obsessions on iOS and Android this past 30 days or so.

And what a pleasantly varied bunch they are too. We've got an adventure-platformer with a time loop twist, a meaty twin-stick shooter, a novel spin on the match-three puzzler, a heart breaking narrative game, a full-on kart racer, and a new CCG contender.

Inevitably, we've left a whole bunch of really good iOS and Android games out. So if you've been playing anything else religiously in May, do share in the comments section below.