Dead by Daylight Mobile has quickly become one of our favourite mobile multiplayer games to play during this whole lockdown thing. We've been enjoying running from some of horror history's most infamous villains, in addition to hunting down some fodder humans, of course.

It's a visceral, intense experience which is well worth trying, and if you need something to sweeten the deal, why not just look at our list of every single Killer and Survivor character in the game down below?

Dead by Daylight features characters from Halloween, Stranger Things, SAW, and more. If you're a classic or a contemporary horror fan, you're sure to find something that appeals, and that just might convince you to keep playing, eh?

Whether you're just curious about the eldritch creatures they've included in Dead by Daylight, or want to get the lowdown on what perks and powers they all have, you've come to the right place, and you can find all of that information below.

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