Dead by Daylight Mobile offers the kind of the visceral gameplay that is often missing entirely from mobile games, especially when titles like PUBG Mobile are having all traces of blood and violence scrubbed entirely from their Chinese versions.

Dead by Daylight is brutal. Eldritch horror, gruesome enemies, dozens of characters and killers to choose from, and plenty of blood and gore when you take the weapons of the Killer onto the Survivors.

As the Killer, the odds should be against you, frankly. Sure, you can't die, but with limited abilities and awareness, you have to hunt down four different Survivors, all moving together at once, helping one another, and working towards a singular goal. You only need to be distracted by one of them before the others make enough moves to win the game.

In order to avoid having the odds stacked against you, you need our tips. These tips will help you chase down the Survivors which are being so cheeky, and assure you of a Killer win, which I know you want badly. Read on for all you need to know…