Dead by Daylight is the premier asymmetrical multiplayer game, and if you've never played it before, there's no better time and place than on mobile devices. You can jump in for free and play as much as you want, with microtransactions reserved for extra characters (which you can potentially earn in-game) and skins etc.

We're all getting sick of being stuck inside and sitting around, so Dead by Daylight is perfect to get the blood pumping and have you running around a bit. Only it might be a bit less fun and lighthearted than your usual jog around the park.

In this guide, we're going to give you some important tips on surviving as, well, one of the survivors in Dead by Daylight. The killer will be hounding you relentlessly, so you'll have to play smart and work with your friends to come out on top.

Just follow our tips below for everything you need to know to win as a survivor.

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